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School Foundation Resources

The following resources are provided to the PUSD School Site Foundations. Please use these only as samples and guides. In relation to application and implementation of these documents, Foundations should seek independent legal and accounting advice where appropriate.

For additional resources, please see the Summit Information Page. Information available include presentation slides, break-out group results and handouts on topics discussed at the Summits. 
The document listed below are PDF documents. Update your Adobe Reader here. 

If you would like any of these documents in a Word format, Kelly Hamm [email protected]

Registry of Charitable Trusts

New Form CT-TR-1 Filing Requirement for Charities
Effective February 1, 2020, the Attorney General’s Registry of Charitable Trusts will require charities with annual revenue under $50,000 must file the CT-TR-1 treasurer’s report annually along with Form RRF-1.  Both forms are available on the Annual Registration Renewal program page.
Updated Forms For All Registrants
Also effective February 1, 2020, charities and professional fundraisers must use amended forms.  The official, updated forms are available on the appropriate program pages as well as the Registry Forms page.
Significant changes to the forms include:
  • The RRF-1 annual registration renewal form requires charities provide additional information, including noncash donations; and
  • The CT-1 initial registration form now requires additional information such as dbas and prior enforcement actions; and
  • Changes were also made to all professional fundraiser forms and the raffle forms (registration and reporting).
Online Renewal for Charities
Charitable organizations that are current in their registration and annual reporting requirements can renew online.
Voicemail:       916-210-6400 Extension 5
Fax:                 916-444-3651

Mailing Addresses

Regular or Registered Mail:
Registry of Charitable Trusts
ATTN: Renewals Program
PO Box 903447
Sacramento CA 94203-4470

Overnight Mail:
Registry of Charitable Trusts
ATTN: Renewals Program
1300 I Street
Sacramento CA 95814