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Partners in Education

Business & Industry Partnership

Through our Partners in Education program, Poway Unified School District fosters and maintains relationships with our local business and community partners.  These relationships result in a variety of connections between what happens in our classrooms and what is needed in the workforce or larger community. By providing a variety of work-based or community-based learning experiences to students, our Partners in Education help to ensure that curriculum is relevant and that students develop the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in school, career, and life.


Opportunities for Partnership​

  • Advise on our Career Technical Education Advisory Committee
  • Advise on an Industry-Specific Advisory Committee
  • Participate in a Work-Based Learning Experience
  • Mentor Students in a CTE Student Organization
  • Provide financial assistance to a CTE program or student organization
For more information, please contact Dolores Canizales, [email protected]